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Ancient Syria.  Damascus.  Culture.  Life.

There is no other place in the world like it 

Syria, with 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites, is full of rich history, from ancient civilizations to early Christianity to traditional culture. "They were first called Christians in Antioch" (Acts 11:26), Saint Paul walked on Straight Street, and Damascus is one of the oldest continuously living city in the world, dating back to the 3rd millienium BC

Syrians are world renowned for their gracious hospitality.  They are such beautiful people.  Their hearts and spirits are rich with warmth and hospitality.  Walk down any street and they will embrace you as one of their own

I once had someone ask me, "Will I get kidnapped in Syria?"


I replied, emphatically, "YES!"

You, as their guest, will be taken to their houses and fed a huge, delicious feast and wonderful drink and you will sit in their loving company all night laughing and talking.  Hours will pass.  Then, before you realize it, it will be well long past the time to go home.  But they won't let you leave -- they will say, you haven't had enough to eat.  After resisting for a while, you'll eventually oblige. 


More hours will pass, you will insist you have to go, all the while enjoying yourself and not really wanting to leave. They will insist back, telling you you're just in time for some music and dance.  More and more hours will pass.  You will again insist, and if you're single -- God forbid -- just wait -- a potential bride or groom is surely on their way.  (And whaddayagonnado?  Really?  I mean, reject the bride after they fed you all day?  What an insult!  How Rude!)


Finally, at an ungodly hour you will muster all the strength you have left and insist on leaving.  After a little more negotiation (because Arabs are by nature...negotiators) you will finally be released from captivity

3 things you will remember about Syria for the rest of your life

(1)  You will be kidnapped

(2)  There is no such thing as "time" in Syria


(3)  Once you go there, you will never want to leave


Below are some pictures that will hopefully give you a sense of how life is over there, so when you read the book, you can envision these images and be transported in your mind thousands of miles ...away and thousands of years behind

Ahalan wa Sahalan!


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These are my own pictures from Syria they are not very good, but they are authentic. 

They were taken in 2004 and 2008

These are pictures of Syria.  Some were me taken by me and others by professionals.  I got these long ago when you could download them freely.  I have no way of tracking down the photographers for their permission, but I wanted the world to see just how beautiful Syria is. If you are someone, or know someone who these belong to, please contact me.

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