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“Do I have to say more? One of the most dynamic speakers and writers that I’ve ever met has honored Wellesley and was the first lecturer in our First Annual Arab Awareness Week” – Mary Kaddah, Wellesley

I am so proud of these amazing women!  So smart, intelligent, beautiful, strong and wise!  They are their own persons!  I am convinced that one of them will end up being the first woman president!


Welcome Home ceremony for soldiers returning from Iraq. Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Pittsburgh, PA. February, 2009.  Khalil’s restaurant (specifically my dad, Mikhail Khalil) was honored during the ceremony for his support of the troops and their families.

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FROM VEILS TO THONGS: An Arab Chick’s Survival Guide to Balancing One’s Ethnic Identity in America

In FROM VEILS TO THONGS, Khalil exposes what she calls, THE REAL WAR ON TERROR, presenting a hilarious, yet poignant, Colbert-like take on living in cross-fire of the conservative Arabic and liberal American cultures