IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities) has been a huge part of my adult life and my family has done a lot of work with amazing organization.

Moved with compassion, my other best friend, and sister, Zelfa Khalil, could not just stand by and watch the suffering in Syria, especially the babies who are left orphaned, lost, terrified and alone to fend for themselves. So she organized a fundraising effort to help IOCC raise money to provide humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees. She had an incredible team alongside her, including Nick Terazis, Sophie Farah and so many others. The outpouring was amazing from the hearts of so many who care about their brothers and sisters suffering in Syria.

FROM VEILS TO THONGS: An Arab Chick’s Survival Guide to Balancing One’s Ethnic Identity in America

In FROM VEILS TO THONGS, Khalil exposes what she calls, THE REAL WAR ON TERROR, presenting a hilarious, yet poignant, Colbert-like take on living in cross-fire of the conservative Arabic and liberal American cultures