It happens every year.

Hafli Wars!

Yes — Hafli Wars! The intensity begins in the beginning of the holiday season, escalates around mid-December and culminates to the high breaking point on the night of Dec. 31st

The burning question…?

Who’s gonna have the most SLAMMIN’ Hafli on New Year’s Eve?!

It’s a mistake you can’t afford to make!

You’ve got to make the right decision! It’s the one night you wait all year round for — it’s THE night! To see — and more importantly, ladies — to BE seen! There’s a lot of stressful preparation that goes into that magical night! How will you wear your hair? What dress will you wear? Your make-up? How much gold can you drench on yourself to be just slightly showy enough – without being overtly obnoxious? And just how many eligible doctors will actually show up, anyway?

You know, those sorts of questions.

But it all boils down to one crucial decision…

Which party do I go to?!

You’ve gotta make your decision quick! In my city there were 2 separate parties going on. People were confused for weeks. Walking around in a daze — making reservations, then quickly cancelling them. Usually there’s one sure winner but every so often — just like the rarity of the Blue Moon — there’ll be more than one to choose from.

And when that happens…

The Hafli Wars begin!

Different “factions” compete to attract the bulk of the community. Some pre-empt — announcing their party as early as September! Thereby, claiming their territorial New Year’s Eve Hafli Rights before anyone has a chance!

Oh…the Drama.

Because the last thing you want is to go to a bad party — not so much because it was a bad party, but only to wake up the next day and hear about how great the other one was. Now that would really set off the year on the bad foot! Then all next year, all you’ll do is blame everything that goes wrong, on starting off the New Year at the wrong hafli. For every bad thing that happens — no matter how irrelevant — all that will come out of your mouth is: “You know why this year was bad? Because we went to that bad hafli! If we went to that other hafli, it would have been good, and we would have had a good year!”

Then the cursing begins.

Oh…the Pressure.

I went to neither.

I took my favorite wine, and spent the day enjoying every moment, cherishing the present, reflecting on the past, hoping for the future — and being grateful for this simple, yet beautiful, life God has blessed me with.

I really felt the Old Year change into the New Year…quietly…stunningly…beautifully.

I wish the most beautiful year, peace with each other, and God’s blessing in 2010.

Kil aam wa intay bakheer!

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